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About - GenConverse

At GenConverse, we're working to help intermediate to advanced genealogists manage and more effectively share the informaiton contained in their family trees. Our focus is currently upon working with GEDCOM files.

Steve Watts, CEO and Lead Consultant

Steve retired from Texas Instruments in 2009 after a diverse and successful 30 year career. His primary area of expertise centered around operational processes, test engineering and management. He possesses a BSEE, Computer Engineering Option (earned in 1982 before Computer Engineering was a "thing") from the University of Houston, and an Executive MBA from Southern Methodist University. Steve also graduated from TI's Manufacturing Leadership Development Program. Starting in 2007, and since retiring, Steve has enjoyed his growing family, some travel, genealogy, lots of exercise, reading, and collaborating with family members on various projects in the family business - Watts Lab, Inc. In those years, he’s established his expertise in web development and reestablished himself as a skilled software developer. Steve is concentrating his efforts today developing technology solutions for the Commercial Real Estate industry and for Genealogy.

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